Integration and compatibility


As the first bike to maximize the potential of the UCI’s revised design rules, the HANZŌ uses never before applied airfoil sections for the full 16cm of length allowed by the alignment of the head tube and down tube boxes. The design also integrates the basebar and frame top tube into an aero section, with seamless blends between those shapes to ensure minimal airflow detachment. Cable and brake line integration also plays a key role to ensure the HANZŌ shows the most aero face to the wind as possible.

With a basebar and mast specifically designed to accommodate the aero extension bars from a wide range of popular manufacturers, the HANZŌ is the ultimate time trial or triathlon bike for anyone looking to get the most out of themselves and their equipment.


A stiff, responsive ride


Aero isn’t everything. The HANZŌ is so much more than one of the world’s fastest time trial bikes. It’s incredibly stiff as well, capable of translating each pedal stroke into speed. Though the front end of the HANZŌ focuses on aero, the one piece fork and head tube leading up to the mono riser ensure the front end is rigid and immediately responds to the rider’s input.

As we move further back on the bike, where measurable aero advantages are less prominent, the stiffness of the design takes center stage. The down tube has an aerodynamic function, particularly in how well it integrates an aero water bottle, but it also offers a sturdy joining point for the super rigid bottom bracket. That junction point is not only exceptionally aero, but extremely stiff, as well. This design pushes the UCI rules right to the limit for the ultimate in aero performance while still being able to transfer power efficiently.

Though we enhanced the aero qualities of the rear triangle wherever possible, like using the width of the seatstays to smooth the airflow coming off the rider’s legs, the crux of the back end is its rigidity. We’ve also been careful to ensure practicality, with features like a seatpost that fits a Di2 battery.



Aerodynamic wheel-frame interaction

The rotating wheels and tires represent a unique challenge. The fully reversing flow comes off of the spinning tire and interferes with the frame and fork that are close to the affected area. This is exacerbated by the trend towards riding on wider tires, which shows no signs of slowing down.

With the HANZŌ we carefully moved the airfoil sections well clear of the rotating tire, preventing the interaction effect and allowing both sections to perform optimally. Additionally, this approach accommodates up to 28mm tires. This design takes advantage of the aero benefits that result from having greater clearance around the tires, essentially reducing the effect a tire’s shape has on the airflow through the fork and frame.

The one piece fork’s width not only works with the rotating front wheel to improve efficiency, but at the rear, the seat stays are as wide as UCI regulations allow in order to smooth the airflow between rear wheel and frame, as well as airflow off the rider’s calves.


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Whether the race is WorldTour or a local Wednesday evening time trial series, every competitive cyclist wants equipment that enhances every performance. The HANZŌ time trial bike pushes right up to the limits of UCI design regulations to make it among the fastest UCI-approved TT bikes in the world.


Precision equals speed

It has become fashionable to say that bikes have gotten as aero as possible. However, the Factor HANZŌ proves otherwise. When designing it, we decided to capitalize on the revised UCI rules with the goal of making the fastest purpose-built time trial bike in the world.

Focusing on each part of the bike, both individually and as a working whole, we have pushed each directive from the UCI to the absolute limit in innovative ways. Other manufacturers who do not own their own factories cannot approximate this level of control in the process which makes such precision possible.

This means that we have been able to make the HANZŌ faster and more aero efficient than the SLiCK and faster even than non-UCI legal time trial and triathlon frame designs.



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