Our Mission

“With already multiple ventures and investments in Singapore and overseas, our venture into the bike business is driven purely by passion. Because of our love for cycling, we hope to make cycling more accessible to the community.”

Stanley and Roger

It All Began When …
We Fell In Love With Cycling

Our Store

Largest cycling shop in Singapore at about 3000 sq ft. We has several competitive advantages, including location, certified mechanics and largest cycling studio. This is definitely the first in Singapore.

Our Story

We pride ourselves as the pioneer in bringing the world of Spin and Cycling together. Through organizing cycling and spin events, overseas expeditions, and supporting cycling-related charity events, we aim to share our passion with like-minded individuals and grow the Cycling and Spin community!

our team

From our directors to trainers and certified mechanics, we are simply bike lovers who are extremely passionate about Cycling and Spinning.

Director of a Fengshui chain with 10 outlets in Singapore.
Owner of Eurospeed Auto for 20 years, selling high-end sports cars such as Ferrari & Porsche.
Owner of Ewofinance that provides in-house automobile loans for sports


Co Founder

Shareholder & Director of Pana Harrison Holding Pte Ltd, an insurance and reinsurance broker since 2017.
(Pana Harrison is a joint venture with Harrison Horncastle Insurance Group in UK).
Owner of hotel Fortuna in Hanoi, Vietnam.




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Scarlet Long


Co Founder 

Our Passion


1)  Annual Charity 400km Drive to Nà Tườm, Mậu Duệ, Yên Minh, Hà Giang, Vietnam in August 2016, to support Road to Heaven’s Gate, a newly built education facility to help improve the knowledge and living conditions of underprivileged students and families.

(2) Annual Charity 300km Drive: Háng Đồng, Bắc Yên, Sơn La, Vietnam 2019 – 20, to support the construction of the Boarding School dormitory for underprivileged students, including supply of all doors & window frames, water tank, sanitary system, steel bar, wash basin, paints and several other equipment transported up from Hanoi.

(3) We have also organised several ground breaking expedition rides for our Singaporean Community in Northern Vietnam since 2016, such as the Fortuna Team Turtle 321km New Year 2017 Charity Venture in Hanoi, the Hanoi Cultural Expedition Ride & Climb in 2017, a cycling tour of the capital of Vietnam, a 90km city sightseeing ride, a mountain climb to Den Gióng, Sóc Son and a 55km highway return to Hanoi and Tour de Vietnam 2018.