Black Inc Three

The Black Inc THREE wheel boasts a design that closely resembles a front disc wheel while still allowing for maneuverability. By reducing the number of rotating spokes, the wheel minimizes the large surface area typically associated with tri-spoke designs. This reduction in surface area helps decrease drag, effectively creating a sail effect that enhances aerodynamic performance. The result is a wheel that offers exceptional aerodynamic efficiency without compromising the ability to navigate and turn with agility.

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The Black Inc THREE is a groundbreaking tri-spoke wheel that offers exceptional aerodynamic advantages, specifically designed for time trials and triathlons. Each wheel is sold separately, allowing riders to customize their setup according to their specific needs. The THREE is the perfect front wheel option to pair with the Black Inc ZERO for an unbeatable TT and Triathlon configuration.

Upon first glance, it’s evident that the THREE wheel prioritizes aerodynamic optimization. The three broad bladed carbon spokes create a sail effect at off-centre yaw angles, effectively reducing drag and even propelling the wheel and rider in certain conditions. The one-piece wheel structure is the result of extensive development using CFD software, ensuring enhanced performance compared to traditional spoke wheels that can experience stalling in windy situations, such as the challenging conditions encountered in events like Ironman in Kona.

The carbon layup of the THREE wheel focuses on achieving essential lateral stiffness for competitive racing, while also delivering a unique level of comfort and stability that encourages riders to push themselves to their limits. Designed for our sponsored professionals to excel in the toughest WorldTour time trials, the THREE wheel provides ambitious triathlon competitors with the means to gain those precious extra seconds and climb up the leaderboard.

The Black Inc THREE is available in a clincher tubeless-ready configuration for both front and rear wheels, suitable for disc brake setup. It can also be used as a set for exceptionally windy triathlons. The rear wheel comes with a choice of Shimano or XDR hub bodies.

Choosing the Black Inc THREE demonstrates a serious commitment to racing goals. Therefore, we have taken great care to ensure that the THREE is not only fast but also lightweight and practical to maintain, catering to the needs of dedicated riders who demand high-performance equipment.


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