Prudential Tour De France 2023 Criterium, Chris Froome visit to RS Cycle, unveiling the new limited edition Paul Smith Ostro Vam.

In 2023, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting the legendary cyclist, the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) himself, Chris Froome, at our humble store located at 500 Changi Road. Welcoming Mr. Chris Froome to our store was a truly remarkable experience, as he graciously took the time to inspire and connect with his fans here in Singapore.

The event was more than just a meet-and-greet; it was an opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insights from Mr. Froome’s cycling journey. From his days with Ineos to his current endeavors riding the finest bikes from the premier brand Factor, the speeches he delivered were not only inspirational but also educational. Those in attendance had the privilege of hearing firsthand accounts of his experiences, providing a unique and enriching perspective on the world of professional cycling.

Having Mr. Chris Froome share his journey with us was a memorable occasion that left a lasting impact on everyone present. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring such an esteemed figure to our store, fostering a sense of community and passion for cycling among our customers and enthusiasts here in Singapore.

Fans didn’t just have the chance to meet the cycling legend; some fortunate enthusiasts seized the opportunity to purchase the same model of bike that Chris Froome rides – the OSTRO VAM! Taking it a step further, these lucky fans had the privilege of having the legend personally autograph their bike frames.

This unique experience goes beyond owning a high-performance bike; it means owning a piece of cycling history that bears the personal touch of the legendary Chris Froome. Now, not only do they possess a bike they can take pride in, but they also have a cherished memento that forever connects them to the cycling icon himself.

A standout moment during the evening’s meet-and-greet was the grand reveal of the exclusive Factor Ostro VAM Paul Smith limited edition. Paul Smith, celebrated in the realm of fashion design and appointed a royal designer in 1991, brought his unparalleled creativity to the artwork on the frame. His distinctive touches elevated the aesthetics to a level that truly accentuates the greatness of this exceptional bike. The collaboration with Paul Smith not only enhances the bike’s visual appeal but also adds a unique and artistic dimension, making it a remarkable and distinctive piece in the world of cycling.

In concluding this post, we invite you to relive the memorable moments of the event through a video highlight. We believe this footage will not only serve as a lasting memory for our fans but also provide a glimpse into the excitement and energy that filled the atmosphere.

Furthermore, we extend a warm invitation for you to visit our store at any time. Our dedicated and friendly staff are ready to provide you with the best customer service, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience. We look forward to welcoming you to our store and hope that in the future, you’ll have the opportunity to attend more events like this, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of community among cycling enthusiasts.

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