Shimano S-Phyre RC9 SH-RC903

The cycling shoes feature a lightweight and breathable microfiber leather upper, ensuring an optimal fit and superior comfort during your entire ride. The material provides excellent breathability, allowing for proper ventilation and moisture management.

The premium-finish heel cup is designed with anti-twist stabilization, ensuring that your foot remains securely positioned even during intense acceleration. This feature enhances power transfer and overall pedaling efficiency.

The sleek and low-profile crossover lacing pattern elegantly secures the forefoot, allowing for a precise and customizable fit. The lacing system ensures that the shoe remains securely fastened, providing stability and eliminating any potential pressure points.

With a 360º surround wrapping upper, the shoe offers an engineered fit that conforms to the contours of your foot. This design creates a snug and comfortable fit, enhancing comfort and performance for all riders.

The shoes are equipped with dual low-profile BOA® Li2 dials, enabling quick and precise microadjustments for a customized fit. This system allows for easy on-the-go adjustments to fine-tune the fit during your ride.

The integrated seamless midsole and upper construction take fit, stability, and lightweight performance to a new level. This design ensures a seamless and supportive connection between the foot and the shoe, providing enhanced stability and power transfer.

Overall, these cycling shoes combine innovative features and premium materials to offer an optimal fit, superior comfort, and excellent performance for riders of all levels.


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Available in Black, White, Red and Blue. Available in Wide Fit.


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