Lazer Vento Keneticore

The Vento cycling shoes offer a lightweight and aerodynamic design that is focused on delivering uncompromising speed. Designed for riders who seek more than just marginal gains, the Vento shoes provide exceptional comfort through the innovative ScrollSys adjustment system. This unique system allows you to easily customize the fit while riding by simply scrolling the belt for on-the-move adjustments. With the Vento shoes, you can experience superior performance without sacrificing comfort, allowing you to push your limits and achieve your best results.


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The Vento road helmet is the culmination of a collaboration with professional riders, ensuring it delivers maximum speed without compromising on weight or comfort. This helmet stands as Lazer’s fastest road helmet to date. Specifically designed to excel in a sprint position at a 15° angle, the helmet’s airflow is optimized to help you increase your speed and climb the ranks.

The Vento features Lazer’s innovative Venturi Effect Ventilation System, which effectively channels hot air out of the rear of the helmet, keeping you cool during intense rides. Additionally, the helmet incorporates the exclusive KinetiCore protection technology, providing excellent impact protection.

With its focus on speed, lightweight construction, exceptional comfort, and efficient ventilation, the Vento road helmet offers a winning combination for riders looking to optimize their performance. Experience the benefits of this aerodynamic powerhouse and enjoy a fast, comfortable, and well-ventilated ride.


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