Lazer Genesis

Genesis, the latest creation from Lazer, sets a new standard for top-level performance cycling helmets by being the lightest helmet they have ever produced. With its cutting-edge design and advanced materials, Genesis raises the bar for performance and takes cycling to new heights. Experience the ultimate in lightweight helmet technology and enjoy unmatched comfort and performance on your rides.


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Introducing Genesis, the groundbreaking helmet from Lazer that redefines top-level performance cycling. Weighing in as the lightest helmet ever produced by Lazer, Genesis sets a new standard for lightweight design and offers an unparalleled riding experience. So light, you’ll forget it’s even on your head.

Equipped with a superlight version of our Advanced Rollsys System® and Adjustable Head Basket, Genesis provides effortless and precise fit adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit every time you ride. The helmet is fully vented to optimize airflow and maximize cooling, keeping you comfortable even during the most demanding rides.

To cater to individual preferences, Genesis comes with both Race and Comfort padding sets, allowing you to customize the helmet for weight savings or enhanced comfort. With Genesis, you can shave grams for those seeking every performance advantage or indulge in increased comfort for longer rides.

Experience the pinnacle of performance cycling with Genesis, the helmet that not only resets the bar but elevates your cycling experience to new heights.


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