Factor Lando HT

The Factor LANDO HT is the ultimate hardtail mountain bike designed to elevate your riding experience, whether you’re blazing through flowy trails, competing against rivals in intense races, or simply seeking the thrill of a lightweight and responsive ride. Crafted from top-quality materials and utilizing a carbon fiber layup that strategically combines different carbon types, the LANDO HT delivers exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio, resulting in an incredibly efficient and agile bike.

The carbon fiber construction of the LANDO HT is meticulously engineered to optimize performance requirements. By using specific carbon types in the layup, we have achieved a remarkable balance of strength, stiffness, and weight reduction. This careful attention to detail ensures that every pedal stroke is maximized, translating into efficient power transfer and enhanced acceleration. The minimalist design of the LANDO HT further emphasizes its dedication to lightweight performance, allowing you to conquer climbs and power through technical sections with ease.

The LANDO HT is specifically tailored to the needs of discerning XC riders who are determined to push their limits and achieve optimal speed and race times. With its impeccable stiffness and responsiveness, this hardtail mountain bike is a trusted companion for XC races, where every second counts. Whether you’re aiming to conquer challenging terrain, set personal records, or simply enjoy the pure exhilaration of riding a high-performance hardtail, the Factor LANDO HT is the perfect choice.

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The Factor LANDO HT is a versatile mountain bike that caters to the preferences of both XC and gravel-oriented riders. With its 29-inch wheels and modern geometry, the LANDO HT is designed to excel in various riding conditions. It seamlessly accommodates a 110mm travel front suspension for those seeking added comfort and control on rough trails. Alternatively, the all-new Black Inc Fully Rigid Fork provides a different riding experience, ideal for riders who prefer the simplicity and efficiency of a rigid setup.

The built-in versatility of the LANDO HT extends its capabilities to gravel applications as well. The 29-inch wheels and modern geometry work harmoniously to enhance the bike’s performance on mixed surfaces and gravel roads. The option to equip the bike with the all-new Black Inc Fully Rigid Fork further enhances its gravel-specific characteristics, allowing riders to experience a smooth and responsive ride without the need for suspension.

By incorporating features that cater to both XC racing and gravel riding, the LANDO HT strikes a perfect balance, appealing to a wide range of riders with diverse preferences. It offers the agility and speed necessary for XC racing while providing the adaptability and stability desired for gravel adventures. Whether you’re tackling technical XC trails or embarking on gravel exploration, the LANDO HT is designed to meet the demands of your chosen terrain and deliver an exceptional riding experience.


The Factor LANDO HT incorporates several design elements to enhance vertical compliance and improve rider comfort. One such feature is the implementation of thin seatstays that connect lower down the seat tube. This design helps to increase vertical compliance, allowing the bike to better absorb vibrations and bumps encountered during your ride.

Additionally, the kinked design of the seatstays introduces a level of discontinuity into the system. This further contributes to the bike’s ability to dampen vibrations and provide a smoother ride experience by interrupting the transfer of road or trail impacts.

To enhance overall comfort, the LANDO HT is equipped with a standard 31.6 seat post that is extended. This extension enables the seat post to provide additional support and absorb more vibrations from the rear of the bike. By increasing the amount of vibration damping, the LANDO HT helps to reduce fatigue and increase rider comfort during long rides or on rough terrain.

Together, these design features work in harmony to enhance vertical compliance, absorb vibrations, and provide a more comfortable ride on the Factor LANDO HT. Whether you’re tackling XC trails or gravel paths, these elements contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience.


The Factor LANDO HT incorporates a flat mount rear brake design that offers several benefits. One significant advantage is the ability to mold the chainstay entirely out of carbon without the need for alloy parts. This construction method not only reduces weight but also increases the overall strength and durability of the chainstay.

Additionally, the use of a flat mount rear brake enables the LANDO HT to feature a symmetrical seatstay configuration. By keeping the loads transmitted from the rear wheel symmetrical, the bike’s shock alignment is improved, and shock side loads are reduced. This ensures more efficient power transfer, enhances overall handling, and contributes to a smoother and more controlled ride.

The elimination of alloy parts and the integration of a flat mount rear brake in the design of the LANDO HT exemplify Factor’s commitment to optimizing both weight savings and performance. These features work together to deliver a high-performance hardtail mountain bike that excels in various riding conditions, providing riders with enhanced strength, improved shock alignment, and a superior riding experience.


The Factor LANDO has been meticulously designed in collaboration with Black Inc components to ensure an optimal balance of ride quality and weight reduction. Every component has been carefully selected and crafted using top-quality materials to deliver exceptional performance.

The Black Inc TWENTY SEVEN wheels, designed specifically for cross-country (XC) riding, exemplify the modern focus required for today’s technical race courses and exceptional riders. These wheels are constructed with the highest quality materials, including a remarkably strong Ni-Cr axle, CeramicSpeed bearings for smooth and efficient rolling, and Sapim CX-Ray spokes known for their strength and lightweight properties. The TWENTY SEVEN wheels are engineered to provide outstanding performance, reliability, and durability, making them the perfect choice for demanding XC riding scenarios.

To further enhance the overall performance and aesthetics of the LANDO, it is equipped with a one-piece barstem, tow-bolt seat post, and computer mount. The one-piece barstem not only contributes to the bike’s streamlined appearance but also enhances stiffness and handling precision. The tow-bolt seat post provides secure and adjustable seat positioning, ensuring optimal comfort and efficient power transfer. The computer mount, equipped with a hidden Go-Pro attachment, adds versatility and convenience for riders who wish to capture their adventures on camera.

By integrating these tailor-made Black Inc components, the Factor LANDO offers a cohesive and high-performance package that optimizes ride quality, minimizes weight, and meets the demands of today’s discerning riders. Whether you’re tackling technical race courses or pushing your limits on challenging XC trails, the LANDO equipped with Black Inc components is built to deliver exceptional performance and elevate your riding experience to new heights.


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