Black Inc Twenty Seven Wheelset

The Black Inc TWENTY SEVEN wheelset is the perfect complement to any XC mountain bike setup, offering a combination of race-ready lightweight performance and long-term durability. These wheels are designed to excel in demanding off-road conditions, making them an ideal choice for endurance events such as 24-hour marathons and 100-mile mountain bike races. With the TWENTY SEVEN wheelset, you can be confident that your bike will keep rolling, providing the reliability and performance you need for the most challenging off-road adventures.

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The Black Inc TWENTY SEVEN mountain bike wheels are purpose-built for speed, catering to ambitious XC and trail riders seeking optimal performance. These 29-inch wheels are designed to withstand the challenges posed by modern technical race courses while meeting the demands of riders.

These wheels achieve a remarkable balance between weight reduction and durability, providing a best-in-class weight that remains aligned with the level of strength required to endure a full day of racing, even in demanding events like Leadville. No compromises were made when selecting the highest-quality materials for constructing these wheels. The Ni-Cr axle offers exceptional strength, working seamlessly with the Sapim CX-Ray spokes to deliver a reliable and robust wheelset. The hubs come equipped with CeramicSpeed bearings as standard, ensuring a smooth and long-lasting ride quality.

With a 27mm inner rim width, the Black Inc TWENTY SEVEN wheels are well-suited to handle the tire widths supported by forward-looking Factor LANDO XC-mountain bikes. These wheels can easily accommodate wider rubber, such as a 2.4-inch tire, providing ample traction and control for challenging terrain.

The Black Inc TWENTY SEVEN wheels embody a commitment to speed, durability, and forward-thinking design, making them an excellent choice for XC and trail riders who seek top-tier performance on the trails.


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