Black Inc Sixty Wheelset


The construction of the Black Inc SIXTY wheelset has been carefully optimized to provide exceptional stability and rider comfort, achieving a perfect balance between lightweight design and aerodynamic performance.


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The Black Inc SIXTY wheelset is a high-performance option designed for professional riders while remaining accessible and practical for amateurs as well. Offering an impressive level of comfort and handling confidence, the SIXTYs are suitable for both paved and unpaved surfaces, making them versatile for a variety of riding styles.

With a 56mm rim depth and a proprietary rim shape, the SIXTY wheelset excels at slicing through the wind while maintaining stability in challenging crosswind conditions. The wider rim profile enhances overall aerodynamic performance, especially when combined with wider tires that offer improved comfort, lower rolling resistance, and enhanced grip during cornering. The 21mm internal and 30mm external rim width pairs perfectly with 25mm or wider tires.

The Black Inc SIXTY wheelset is available in various configurations, including options for disc brake and rim brake systems, as well as tubular and clincher/tubeless setups. The rim brake version features a proprietary textured brake track combined with Black Inc’s essential braking pads, ensuring reliable braking performance in both dry and wet conditions. The exceptional stiffness of the SIXTY wheelset enhances acceleration and overall handling, instilling confidence for aggressive riding maneuvers, whether tackling steep descents or navigating tight corners.

The SIXTY wheelset is compatible with Shimano, XDR, and Campagnolo freehub bodies. The straight-pull rim and disc hubsets work seamlessly with SAPIM CX-SPRINT and CX-RAY Aero Butted straight-pull spokes. The clincher versions feature internal alloy nipples for weight reduction, while the tubulars utilize external alloy nipples for ease of maintenance. Additionally, all tubeless-ready clincher wheels from Black Inc come pre-installed with valve stems and rim tape for added convenience.

With a well-balanced combination of weight savings and aerodynamic advantages, the Black Inc SIXTY wheelset serves as a motivating force to excel for riders of all levels.


  • Fully machined alloy hubshell
  • Optimized hub flange geometry for balanced wheel stiffness and rider comfort
  • Tubeless Compatible
  • Custom CeramicSpeed bearings
  • 56 mm carbon tubeless clincher rim
  • Minimum recommended tire size: 700 x 25c


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