A continuous carbon fiber structure that is both torsionally strong but vertically compliant for small bump and road chatter absorption.

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The Black Inc handlebar follows the aerodynamic and ergonomic lessons learned during the design and development of the Black Inc barstem.

With modern technologies in carbon fiber manufacturing, we are able to fine tune the carbon fiber characteristics to be reactive to the rider’s input but also be comfortable during long rides.

The 120mm of drop and 80mm of reach offer the perfect it in all riding positions, with a drop flare of 3 degrees and a top section backsweep of 2 degrees. The tops are the perfect shape for comfort and security while providing aerodynamic features in all of the right ways. The drop flare makes a big difference for better comfort while descending and sprinting and helps clear a rider’s wrists from contacting the upper bend while sprinting.

The drops have a variable radius, continuous shape for all day comfort that helps different hand positions along the curve, for multiple changes in varied terrains.


  • Co-molded brake/shifter cable housing grooves
  • Compatibility with latest generation Shimano DI2
    bar end junction box



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