Black Inc Forty Five Wheelset

The design of the wheelset aims to achieve an ideal equilibrium between aerodynamic efficiency and lightweight construction, catering to riders who seek a versatile wheelset capable of excelling in various cycling disciplines. Whether tackling high mountain Gran Fondos, flat road races, or enduring long training sessions, this wheelset is engineered to deliver exceptional performance across the board, accommodating the diverse needs of riders.


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The Black Inc FORTY FIVE carbon wheelset stands out as a favorite among our sponsored professional riders, and it only takes one look to understand why. These wheels have been meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between aerodynamics and lightweight construction. Known as our “do everything” wheelset, the FORTY FIVE excels on flat and windy courses while effortlessly conquering uphill climbs.

The FORTY FIVE wheelset is specifically designed for disc brakes and is tubeless-ready, offering exceptional aerodynamic performance with its 45mm rim profile. The mid-depth and proprietary rim shape ensure that the FORTY FIVE wheels slice through the wind efficiently at various real-world yaw angles, all while maintaining a remarkably low rolling weight. By eliminating the need to accommodate a brake track, the FORTY FIVE wheels shed rotational weight and surpass traditional deep-section wheels in terms of speed and weight reduction. Optimized for 25-28mm tires, with a 21mm internal rim width and 27mm external width, the seamless integration between tire and rim enhances aerodynamics, while running wider tubeless tires enhances comfort and cornering capabilities.

The Black Inc FORTY FIVE features an updated hub construction with low-friction CeramicSpeed bearings and an improved freehub body engagement system. This advanced design ensures a smooth and efficient spin, with instantaneous engagement for maximum power transfer during critical moments in races or training rides. The FORTY FIVE wheelset is available with Shimano, XDR, and Campagnolo freehub bodies, and the straight-pull rim and disc hubsets are perfectly compatible with CX-SPRINT and CX-RAY Aero Butted straight-pull spokes. Internal alloy nipples contribute to weight reduction and reliable wheel trueness.

From challenging Gran Fondos to spirited Saturday morning criterium races, the benefits of the Black Inc FORTY FIVE carbon wheels are not limited to professional riders alone. With a weight of 1542 grams per pair, these wheels offer an exceptional balance of lightweight construction and medium-depth all-round performance for disc brake setups, ensuring that riders of all levels can enjoy the advantages they provide.


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