Black Inc 28//33 Wheelset

Handcrafted with a combination of nano-loaded epoxy resin and high modulus carbon fiber, the Black Inc 28//33 wheelset has been meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled performance on any type of terrain. The rim width of the bead hook has been carefully optimized to accommodate modern 28 mm tubeless tires, while the dual profiles offer a winning combination of lightweight construction and exceptional aerodynamics, surpassing all others in its class.


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The Black Inc 28//33 wheelset is expertly crafted to provide exceptional aerodynamic performance while maintaining a remarkably lightweight design. These wheels are meticulously engineered to excel in all types of terrains, making them the ideal choice for racing. They possess the perfect balance of being lightweight enough for effortless climbs, aerodynamic enough to slice through the wind at various angles, and durable enough to handle rough roads and smooth tarmac, catering to different styles of road riding.

With a combined weight of merely 1146 grams, the 28//33 stands among the lightest tubeless-ready wheels that feature a bead hook design. This impressive weight reduction is achieved through the use of a nano-loaded epoxy resin infused with high modulus carbon fiber, ensuring both reduced weight and optimal rigidity. The spoke bed is strategically positioned to balance spoke tension and enhance wheel strength. Furthermore, the rear wheel has a deeper profile, while the front wheel has a slightly shallower profile, maximizing both aerodynamic performance and stability in crosswinds.

Specifically designed to accommodate modern tubeless 28 mm tires, the Black Inc 28//33 wheelset seamlessly combines high-performance capabilities with reliability.


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