New Factor Ostro VAM 2024, the quiver killer but faster. What’s new and improved.

Introducing the highly anticipated Ostro VAM of the next generation, which has finally been launched and has already secured a podium in the prestigious Tour Down Under 2024. Unlike other designs that focus solely on speed, Factor has taken a holistic approach in crafting the new Ostro VAM, considering crucial elements such as aerodynamics, weight, responsiveness, and, notably, comfort.

Recognizing that comfort is paramount, Factor went back to the drawing board to ensure that the Ostro VAM excels in all the essential aspects. After all, without comfort, your cycling experience is limited, and speed can only be sustained for so long before it becomes a discomfort.

Now, let’s delve into the distinctive features that set the new Ostro VAM apart.

The physical transformation of the 2024 Ostro VAM is evident in a myriad of enhancements, particularly in the top tube area and the front of the frame. Notably, the top tube now boasts a tapered design, both in width and thickness, extending towards the seat tube. This deliberate modification serves a dual purpose: reducing overall weight and fostering a more compliant ride quality.

Another notable upgrade is found in the seat post, which has undergone meticulous refinement. By shaving down its profile, the Ostro VAM 2024 achieves heightened aerodynamics compared to its predecessor. Moreover, the seat post clamping style has been revamped for improved functionality, offering a more straightforward adjustment process while ensuring a secure grip to prevent any unwanted seatpost slippage.

In the pursuit of a streamlined and aerodynamic design, the frontal heat tube of the Ostro VAM 2024 has undergone a significant evolution. It is now wider and deeper, meticulously crafted to create a more aerodynamic tube shape. Additionally, the headtube of the new Ostro VAM adopts a slimmer, hourglass profile in stark contrast to its predecessor.

This deliberate design shift serves a dual purpose: optimizing aerodynamics and enhancing handling responsiveness. The slimmer, hourglass headtube contributes to the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the frame, ensuring that the Ostro VAM 2024 slices through the air with precision. Notably, all these aerodynamic refinements have been rigorously tested in a wind tunnel, undergoing meticulous scrutiny to achieve results that stand up to real-world comparisons. This commitment to precision testing reinforces Factor’s dedication to delivering a bike that not only excels in speed but also offers a responsive and controlled ride.

The launch of the Black Inc 48|58 Wheelset marks a significant stride in enhancing the Ostro VAM 2024’s overall performance. Featuring a front profile of 48mm and a rear profile of 58mm, this wheelset aligns with the industry trend of employing staggered wheel profiles to optimize lightness, aerodynamics, and superior handling. What sets these wheels apart is their impressive weight – a mere 1250g for the pair, placing them among the lightest in their rim profile category.

Factor’s pursuit of perfection becomes evident when considering the evolution from the Black Inc 45, an exceptional all-rounder with a slight limitation in flat riding, and the Black Inc 60, excelling on flats but feeling somewhat sluggish on climbs due to weight and rim profile. The introduction of the staggered 48|58 wheelset achieves a harmonious balance, creating a truly versatile option that excels across all terrains. Through strategic staggering of wheel profiles and a reduction in overall weight, the 48|58 wheelset emerges as a Jack of All Trades, Master of All. Seamlessly blending the best attributes of its predecessors, it offers exceptional performance in both flat and hilly terrains, making it a standout choice for cyclists seeking unparalleled versatility in their riding experience.

The key to this lightweight prowess lies in strategic design choices. The number of spokes for each wheel has been reduced from 24 holes to 20 holes, a move that might raise concerns for some. However, the incorporation of carbon spokes allays any worries. This not only reinforces the strength of the spokes but also significantly reduces overall weight. The use of carbon spokes not only enhances strength but also elevates responsiveness in handling, ensuring a more predictable and agile riding experience.

Maintaining a commitment to quality, the Black Inc 48|58 Wheelset retains the proven excellence of ceramicspeed bearings, known for providing an exceptionally smooth spin. This combination of reduced weight, carbon spokes, and high-quality bearings exemplifies Factor’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation in cycling technology.

Internally, the Ostro VAM 2024 undergoes substantial improvements that may go unseen but are profoundly felt when you take it for a ride. The carbon materials have undergone a meticulous transformation, resulting in a lighter weight frame and enhanced stiffness. It’s important not to underestimate the intricacies involved; Factor engineers have dedicated countless hours to perfecting the carbon layup of the Ostro VAM. This meticulous process ensures that the frame strikes a delicate balance, delivering both stiffness and responsiveness, while also incorporating areas that are compliant enough to absorb road bumps, providing a comfortable ride over extended distances.

An added advantage with Factor is their ownership of a dedicated factory. This control over manufacturing allows them to maintain a high standard of quality. As a customer, this means you receive a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment. The Ostro VAM 2024, with its internal enhancements and quality-controlled manufacturing, stands as a testament to Factor’s commitment to delivering top-tier performance and comfort in cycling.

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